It is an established fact that Stress is the trigger for a large number of diseases including Heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, BP, and Metabolic syndromes. Medication alone cannot combat stress on a long term basis… more factors need to be considered and made a part of the treatment and lifestyle changes.

Stressful conditions are detrimental to heart health. Medical findings and data suggests, the number of cases where death is the presenting symptom or the result of a sudden unprecedented heart attack, all these abnormalities will be the root cause of the disease, triggered by excessive long term and repeated stress.

It is not possible to change external stress. It is more useful to change our own immunity, stamina and capability to withstand stress

Here are a few tips to remain protected from stress that go beyond regulating meditation, food and exercise:

Take regular REST. The state of complete “switch off” from stressful factors need to be practiced. These are mental and not restricted to physical inactivity.
Go on an unplanned holiday that is short and full of spontaneous activities that are fun filed and new.
Music, practice any form of music ranging from listening to artists of any kind, playing an instrument or vocal training or just a loud, un-inhibited bathroom singing session
Play with mud in the home or public garden, out in the open. Being with nature and close to the soil is a powerful grounding of all static in the body – mind aspect.
Bring one with nature “grounds” excess energy and heat, both that cause discomfort and disease.
Take an old newspaper and tear it to shreds
Make close friends with whom you can share all your fears, happiness
Take deep breaths and visualize the best dreams that have made you happy.
Fantasies being a part, the central part of a funny comedy movie
Once a week laugh till the stomach hurts
Admire the face in the mirror, look deep in the eyes and see a beautiful soul

We all agree that ill health is triggered or worsened by a stressful mind and attitude. Incorporating all or combination of the above suggestions will transform lives and assist in bring most people out of disease and protect from any illness.

No factor of stress occurs singularly. The most likely outcome of stress is as follows:

·                     Fatigue of sensitive muscles like cardiac muscles

·                     Acidity

·                     Chronic fatigue syndrome arising from time constraints, physical strain, food mismanagement.

·                     Cholesterol is processed in the liver. Stress can cause changes in HDL:LDL ratio leading to other complications.

·                     Internal abrasions (ulcers), inflammation, toxic deposit, loss of vascular flexibility, rigidity of other body tissue are an outcome of prolonged stress and acidity

·                     Hyper acidity in the body is an invitation to infections and incorrect metabolic processes. Sever conditions can lead to diabetes, ulcers, piles, cancer and fatal heart attack.

·                     Incorrect neurological responses: all bodily systems rely of a logical, chronological sequence of nerve impulses. The heart beats with a specific rhythm. Incorrect nerve instructions can lead to arrhythmia; muscular fatigue, valve malfunction, changes in blood pressure and pulmonary diseases.

·         Stress leads to fainting, pain, swelling, vomiting, sweating, loss of memory, pale extremities etc result from stress.

Stress management is top priority in treatment of Heart diseases under SHARP. The results of Sanjeevan Kriya and other treatment modalities under SHARP have changed the life of all patients to become more confident, strong, hopeful and emotionally stable.

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