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10 franchises worth investing in

10 franchises worth investing in

In an age when the economy began to force salaried people to come out to do some business. To increase revenue Franchise business is one of the businesses that should be invested because there is no need to invent and store themselves. Today, we would like to present 10 franchises worth investing in for a good profit for readers to consider if having to save money collected for life to invest in business. Will it be worthwhile or not?
1. BingsuBoy
Bingsu Mobile Franchise", which is considered the first in Thailand that has developed Korean-style shaved ice, also known as " Bingsu ", in a form that can be easily carried and eat. The initial investment price is 24,900 - 44,4900 baht. The payback period is 2-4 months, and importantly, there is no need to pay monthly fees or annual fees as well.
2. Panda Fish Ball Bombs
Guaranteed by the 2-year franchise award. Shell Chuan tastes and the best street food in Bangkok by the Amarin Group. Even though there is only one product, the bomb fish ball. It is distinctive and pleasing Currently there are 1,000 branches, with an initial investment of only 4,900 baht. Guaranteed payback within 1 month, with profits falling at 125 baht per kilogram.
3. M Coffee & Milk
M Coffee, milk, founded 12 years, is a semi-instant coffee. But the highlight is the use of fresh milk every day to brew for customers Aside from coffee M Coffee Milk has more than 70 menus to choose from, starting at 14,900 - 69,000 baht. Payback within 1 month. No annual franchise fees. And share from sales
4. Vending machine warehouse (Vincent Vending Machine)
If you don't want to have a storefront and have to hire employees to watch every day. We recommend the vending machine business. There are many options to choose from. From the drinking water dispenser Washing machine Top-up vending machine To karaoke vending machines With an investment budget of 16,000 - 150,000 baht. Suitable for those who do not want to risk Collect long-term income.
5. Kumon.
For those interested in the education business. Which has an initial cost of approximately 150,000 baht, including a quality teaching and learning system To develop children Mathematical Thai and English
6. Mr. Salad Healthy Franchise
By starting at only 25,000 baht, pay the membership fee only once for life The highlight is salad dressing that uses 100% salad oil to meet the trend for health lovers.
7. Iroiro, a single product.
Japanese household goods brand Which is known for the quality of products used in the home Using a starting price of just 10,000 baht, there is no minimum amount required. No contract fee Brands and store decoration fees Guaranteed with the best franchise in February 2017.
8. Ayara Premium Fruit
Franchise for selling new fruit The franchise buyer is responsible for just ordering the fruit to go into the cabinet and sell only. The initial investment is only 35,000 baht.
9. Selecto coffee
Coffee shop brand from Korea Which has a distinctive point of incorporating Korean culture into the shop Therefore may be a feature that Thai people like due to popularity in Korea The initial investment budget is 1,219,533 baht.
10. Bob Lee Burger is
followed by the brand. Fast food from Korea. The highlight is Use rice instead of bread to make a hamburger, thus increasing nutritional value. Investment price starts at 1,216,489 baht.
Here are 10 franchises worth investing in. That we have selected for consideration If any option is right Saw the opportunity to create wealth Can contact
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