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10 professions that are needed by the global market

10 professions that are needed by the global market

It is known that Thailand is stepping into the industrial society 4.0, but because we still lack a lot of personnel to work in this field. Although there are over 100,000 graduates each year, the graduates do not match the field of industry that is about to emerge. Makes us hear news about people who are unemployed. Do you know what the job requires in the market? What professions do we have today?
We come to know the 10 professions that the market needs in this modern era too.
  1. Professional writing various programs If you graduate in this field Don't be afraid that you will lose your job. Because, as is well known that Thailand is entering the industrial society It is inevitable that there must be various technologies involved. This profession can make you a lot of money. Either full time or even extra work
  2. Beauty related professions This beauty trend Thailand is becoming very popular. Tend to grow steadily
  3. Health careers This profession is very important all over the world. Since it covers from children to the elderly And most people agree to pay more to maintain health
  4. Profession in Chemical Science At present, we care about environment protection. The chemicals used must be from nature. Causing companies that produce plant products to become popular and that plant products are in demand from the market
  5. Careers related to energy Such as electric power If you have knowledge about power plants Or graduated in this field Definitely not unemployed
  6. Careers related to mechanical If graduating in specialized machinery or engines, it will be the target group that Thailand needs as Thailand is stepping into the industrial society.
  7. Careers in using language Whether speaking or writing that the important language that is needed is English and Chinese, which are the two languages ​​used worldwide If having knowledge of language The revenue has definitely steadily entered.
  8. Social Law Professionals Today, in addition to being easier to contact, more contracts are also being made. Law-related professions are therefore in demand in the market.
  9. The profession that takes care of the environment, climate, environment has changed quite a lot. Environmental stewardship is therefore important.
  10. Pet careers Thailand is stepping into a complete aging society. Pets are therefore a good way to cure loneliness for the elderly. In addition, most people are looking for more pets, veterinarians or distributors of pet-related equipment are therefore popular.
The above careers are professions that the current market needs and may need more in the future. However, choosing a career requires decisions based on what we like and are good at. We hope you find this information helpful.
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