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5 hottest coffee franchises in Thailand

5 hottest coffee franchises in Thailand

Coffee became a Thai beverage during World War I, when an American woman, Miss Cole, opened a coffee shop called "Red Cross Tea Room" which is only open on Thursdays. Thai people therefore began to turn to drink coffee in the coffee shop since then. Until developing into a coffee shop franchise today Which can be drunk almost all the time We would like to present 5 popular coffee franchises popularly known in Thailand in order to see the progress in coffee shops in Thailand.
1. Starbuck Coffee (Starbuck Coffee); This green little mermaid brand Originated from Seattle in the United States by Mr. Howard Schultz, with more than 17,400 branches in 60 countries around the world. Entered Thailand in July 1998. Currently, there are more than 200 branches in Thailand, with the intention of inspiring people by drinking coffee. Therefore making this brand popular Which can be seen at general department stores
2. Coffee Today (Coffee today): coffee franchise in Thailand. Was established in 2001 by Satit Mukda Sanit. Currently, there are more than 200 branches in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, with the intention of owners that Want to invent coffee recipes to taste Thai people at an affordable price Which is popular as well as being ranked 4th as the most popular franchise in Thailand by the franchise center
3. Cafe Amazon (Amazon): Founded from the vision of executives at PTT. Want to increase revenue for gas stations. With the highlight being The shop decoration is as shady as the Amazon jungle. The top of the world rainforest in Brazil, which is the original source of coffee. Therefore have guidelines for the shop to be like Oasis of travelers According to the slogan "Test of Nature" which now has 1,470 branches nationwide
4. Coffee world (Coffee world): is another brand from the United States by Mr. Fred Moore Ward, which has been operating for over 19 years and has more than 100 branches in Thailand with the intention of Will provide a warm and friendly service for visitors
Therefore has outstanding features that The decoration style in a loft style contemporary to increase the privacy of customers in the shop.
5. Chao Doi Coffee (Chao Doi Coffee): is a coffee franchise. In the group of Aroma Group companies that have been operating roasted coffee for over 60 years. The aim of opening a business is In response to the will of the King That gave coffee varieties to the people of Doi for cultivation instead of opium The outstanding point of this franchise is No fan fan fees And has a variety of store styles From luxury drinking shops To tricycle Is a new way for customers who want
From before, having to wait to drink coffee only on Thursday But today, when Thai people like to drink coffee, it can be seen that these popular coffee franchises are open from the tricycle to the gas station to the luxury department store.
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