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Beauty and health business

Beauty and health business

The beauty and health business is considered a golden pond. Always keep an eye on, as there is no one to deny that they don't want to be healthy and younger than their age. Resulting in the Thai cosmetic market With the highest size in ASEAN at 30%, surveyed by the Yano Research Institute in Japan Today we come to get to know the beauty business. And health, why is it considered a golden pond that is still abundant.

Scope of business for beauty and health

If talking about the scope of the beauty business And health is comparable to a universe where galaxies are various types of businesses And there are various brands Like a planet orbiting in that galaxy. Which this universe has covered since
  • Clean food
The main principle of this type of food is Focus on food that is nutritious And not contaminated with any chemicals So many clean food businesses have been launched, or even 7-Eleven convenience stores have added more options for customers in the shop.
  • Internal supplements and external supplements
Internal food means Body food supplements Which is created from various new raw materials for customers to choose Including vitamins to nourish the body With various target groups
External supplements mean skin care cosmetics and make-up cosmetics. With many competitions The data from the Department of Industrial Promotion (SorBorPor.) States that the Thai market has a market value of up to 120 billion baht.
  • Health Care Spas and treatments And health tourism
Health tourism Is a form of therapeutic tourism for health By traveling to see the dharma at that place, but share some time to treat or rehabilitate in the hospital Or quality nursing homes
  • fitness center
There was the birth of a small gymnasium intended to serve those in the community near the home and there were no busy people. And the investment amount is not very high Many occurrences Such as the Get Fit franchise model

Opportunities for growth in the health and beauty business market

Dr. Pimkwan Bunjitphimon, the owner of beauty business named Virtal Glow: Skin & Aesthetic Under Nawamin 9 Hospital said that beauty business is A business that generates returns for entrepreneurs no less With estimates around the world in 2017 that the value will reach 2.65 billion dollars. In Thailand, the value will be more than 20 billion baht in 2017, which means that the demand for beauty raw materials from Asia Pacific will increase. And is also a reflection of the business's prosperity.
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