(Day 1) How to make your first affiliate sale in the next 7 days

(Day 1) How to make your first affiliate sale in the next 7 days

Yves will explain through these notes what you will need to do every day to get your first sale as an affiliate.
It starts now with this first article:
To make your first affiliate sale, you can not just create an email list and wait for people to join it.
You need to give them an incentive (a valuable free report) as well as provide them with a short sales page that persuades them to subscribe to your newsletter.
Here's how to complete these two steps ...
(Day 1) How to make your first affiliate sale in the next 7 days
Two steps to get your prospect's email

I- Create a free report

The first thing you need to do is create a value report. It must also be something that your prospects really want.
Tip: For simplicity, I will refer to a free report through the following pages. However, you can just as easily create an audio or video to offer for free.
You can do this as long as the affiliate product you are promoting is in audio or video format. So you will know that you are attracting the same target markets if you provide your valuable gift in audio or video form.
Step 1 : Find out what your prospects want
How to know what they want?
Simple: look what they are buying already. You can bet that if they spend money for information, they will happily swallow all the valuable information you will provide for free on the same subject.
Now, since you are promoting an affiliate product, the decision about what to write is even easier. All you have to do is create a report that is directly related to the product you are trying to sell.
In other words, provide information that is helpful ... but incomplete. The user must buy the affiliate product to find out more.
Here are three ways to achieve this result:
1 -  Provide an overview of the steps of a process - and maybe even provide some tips and tricks - but the prospect needs to buy the book to get all the details.
  • You tell the prospect the steps involved in building a mailing list (getting an autoresponder , writing a series of emails, writing a free report, creating a squeeze page), but you do not have to provide in-depth instructions on how to complete each of these steps.
  • You give your prospects the steps involved to disassemble and clean a carburetor on a Classic Corvette, but they need to buy the product to get full instructions with photos.
2 -  Provide details on a step or part of the process, but the prospect needs to buy the product to get all the details.
  • You tell the prospect how to solve a fuel problem in a Classic Corvette, but they will have to buy the book to learn how to solve the problem.
  • You tell the prospect how to create a convincing or catchy title, but your prospect needs to buy a product to know how to create the rest of the sales letter.
3 -  Just offer tips and tricks about it, but the prospect needs to buy the product to get all the details.
  • You are promoting a product on diets, so you create a free report called "101 Tips for Losing Weight Fast". It is useful, but incomplete.
  • You sell a product on Copywriting, so you create a report titled, "27 ways to boost the response rate of your sales letters ... fast! "
Tip: When looking for ideas of what to write, check the table of contents or the sales letter of the product. Either we will give you dozens of ideas for a free report.
Choose those based on the topics your prospects seem most interested in. For example, what they talk about on forums, blogs and social networks.
Now that you have your subject, go to the next step ...
Step 2: Describe the product
Your next step is to briefly describe your product, which will make writing the actual process to go more smoothly.
Tip: At this moment you will begin to think long. There is no reason for that. Just be long enough to provide all the details and short enough to keep your readers hooked. Obviously, this will depend on your subject.
You need a guideline, then shoot for 3000 to 6000 words, for this to be an easy read. You see, you want your prospects to read your report in one sitting, not in two days or three, because you're going to promote your affiliate link in this report.
  • If you are creating a step-by-step process, underline the list of steps in your outline.
  • If it's a "tip" of the report, list all the tips you want to include.
  • If you are simply writing about a part of a process, then make personal notes on all the details you want to include.
Tip: If you want to be on the right track, you can apply my tips to each section of your plan. For example, maybe you have four main parts, as in the next example. You can allocate about 1000 words for each main section, plus 150 to 200 words for introduction and conclusion.
Let me give you an example of a draft of a free report that talks about how to write a sales letter ...
A. Introduction: Introduce the concept of "AIDA" (attention, interest, desire, action) and how this formula corresponds to the part of a sales letter.
B. Attention (advice, title)
C. Interests (stuff and open the product introduction)
D. Desire (bullet points for the product / benefits)
E. Action (call to action, thus creating a sense of urgency)
F. Conclusion - summarize the "AIDA" formula ... then promote your affiliate link.
Example of promoting your affiliate link:
"You have just finished reading the" Four Secrets of Writing a Wrong Sales Letter ". And while this report will undoubtedly increase your response rate, what you have learned is that scratches from the surface on how to be a master of persuasion.
To take your skills to the next level - to discover the secrets to push even the most difficult prospects to crack and open their wallets, you need to have in your hands the [name of the affiliate product] by now going to [ Affiliation link] ...
Plus, if you order now, I will still give you [NAME OF FREE RELATED REPORT] absolutely free! Just click here now for more details - but do it now before this offer disappears! "
Step 3: Create
Once your plan is complete, it's just a matter of sitting down to create the report.
Only take the morning to look for some necessary information, then write each section of your report today. It will not take you enough time if you focus!
As described in the previous section, be sure to include a promotion line for your affiliate product at the end of the report. You can also mention it once at the beginning and once in the middle of the report.
Tip: You do not want to write yourself? Find a freelancer to do it for you in exchange for a few euros.
Once your report is complete, convert it to a PDF file (using openoffice.org , Adobe software or any other PDF authoring software) and upload it to your website. Then move on to the next step ...

II- Create A Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page is only a mini sales letter - maybe around 400 to 500 words telling your prospects why they should join your list.
Here are the six main parts of your mini sales page:
1. Title: Fat, Great make. The title should be centered at the top of your page to get attention. And does so by presenting your greatest benefit.
  • "Free Report That Reveals You How You Can Rejuvenate 10 Years"
  • "Your Corvette C3 does not start? You think it's a fuel problem, but you're not sure? Now You Can Find It Safe And ... For Free How To Troubleshoot Carburetor Cutter And Fuel Problems! 
  • "Revealed: The Seven Surprising Secrets To Lose The Weight You Want ... FREE! "
2. Opening: Although your title attracts attention, the opening paragraph of your letter is designed so that the prospect is interested both by the letter as well as your by your offer.
You can do this by asking a qualifying question, telling a quick story, reminding the prospect of their pain and / or elaborating on the benefits mentioned in the title.
  • Are you tired of not putting on your clothes? Do you ever feel ashamed when you look in the mirror?
  • Are you tired of being overweight? None of your clothes are you? Do you hate going out in public? And you're out of breath after a short walk down the stairs?
  • Imagine slipping into that little black skirt that you own. Imagine getting half the looks in the street because of your silhouette shape. And now, imagine losing all the weight quickly and easily, without exercise, sweat or hunger pains!
After having reminded the prospect of his problem, then you can introduce your free report and newsletter as the solution.
Example: Here's The Seven Secrets To Have A Dream Silhouette, a free report that shows you how to easily lose two pounds each week and keep them so far! Just look at what you get when you claim your free copy now ...
3. Chips: Your prospect is interested in your free report. Now, you have to tell him everything he gets when he subscribes, how does it benefit him?
To do this, simply provide a bulleted list of five to ten key benefits of this report as well as your newsletter. Basically, these benefit statements look a lot like mini-newspapers.
  • You will discover a surprisingly simple way to double your conversion rate - and it only takes two minutes!
  • Warning: Do not even think about disassembling your carburetor until you read Chapter 2! (Unless you like to spend $ 800 to buy a new carburetor!)
  • Plus, when you claim your free report, you will automatically be subscribed to my "Dog Training Secrets" newsletter - for free!
4. Proof: If your flea list does a good job of intriguing the prospect, then he is ready to fill out your form and click on the "Subscribe" button. But he is not completely sure. After all, you may have made some pretty big pretensions.
The solution ?
Offer proof of your affirmations. It could be as simple as giving testimonials. You could offer pictures of yourself (such as "before" and "after" for a weight loss report), screenshots, videos or any other proof.
5. Call to Action: Your next step is to tell your prospect exactly what you want him to do next - and how to do it. This is called your call to action. And if you can introduce a sense of urgency - for example by making a limited time offer.
Tip: Do not say this ends at midnight or next week or another date unless this is true. In other words, if you are going to create urgency, that is not honest.
Example: Your next step is easy - just enter your name and email address in the form below, click "send", and you will instantly get access to [REPORT NAME]! But do it now, because this offer disappears for good on [DATE]!
After the call to action, be sure to copy and paste the code from your autoresponder's subscription form (you'll learn more about this in the coming days). So, write your mini-letter.
6 - Post-Scriptum:  Finally, you'll want to close your letter with a postscript (PS). This is an important part of your letter - right behind the title - because it's one of the most read pieces of the letter. As such, this postscript can contain one or more of the following:
- Reiterate the main benefit.
Example: "And Remember, You Can Rejuvenate 10 Years. Once You Know These Amazing Anti-Age Secrets! "
- Reiterate the call to action (and mention the rarefaction again, where deadlines).
Example: "Subscribe now to start losing weight - but you have to do it now, because this offer ends soon ..."
- Message of a particularly convincing testimony.
Example: "Just look at the results that [NAME] got when he read this free report [insert testimonials] ..."
- Offer a new service not mentioned anywhere else.
Example: "I almost forgot - if you subscribe now, you will also discover magic foods that burn fat quickly and easily! "
Quick reminder
So, today, your goal is to write your valuable free report and your squeeze page. We will see tomorrow what you will have to do next ...
Daouda's note: If you have questions, leave a comment under the article and yves will answer you ...

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