Yesterday you were able to discover the first article in a series of 8 that will unveil you how to make your first affiliate sale in the next 7 days.
Today, it will simply add value to your offer.
(Day 2) How to assemble your competitors in affiliation
Add value to your offer

Add value to your offer

Since you're promoting an affiliate product, it's pretty clear that you have some competition. For starters, you are competing with people who sell similar products.
Example: If you sell a dog training product, there are probably a dozen other similar products on the market. You must tell your prospects why they should buy the one you are promoting rather than buying a similar product from a competitor.
Tip: If you are promoting a well-sold product, then the seller should have established a unique selling position (USP) for the products.
Basically, a USP is what makes the product different and better than competing products (such as a lifetime warranty or a free installation or 24/7 hotline). You can mention these points in your marketing strategy to help close the sale.
Second, you are also in direct competition with your fellow affiliates. In other words, they can be dozens, hundreds or thousands of other affiliates who promote the same product as you.
And while you may meet prospects who have never seen another affiliate's offer, it is likely that you will meet prospects who have already seen at least one offer from another affiliate.
Now, the first way to overcome this problem is to build a list and then build a relationship with that list. This is because most people prefer to buy from someone they know, love, trust, as opposed to a stranger.
But sometimes that's not enough. And that's why you must also add value to the offer. You need to give people who buy from your link a little extra bonus.
This free bonus should improve the initial purchase, it should have a high perceived value and it should be easy and quick to deliver. The bonus can take the form of a free service, report, video, audio, criticism, coaching, software, etc.
  • You can offer a free sales letter review to anyone who buys a product on copywriting through your link.
  • You can offer a cookbook of calorie recipes to anyone who buys a diet product through your link.
  • You can offer free installation on the software you sell.
Point: People will see that buying from you is a better deal because they are getting an original product PLUS your unique bonus.
So, how do you create this free bonus?
Simple: Do exactly the same way you created the bonus of your newsletter (valuable free report). Simply choose a closely related topic (or tools) and create it using the instructions in the "Day 1" lesson.
Go ahead and move on to work today on a valuable bonus that sets your offer apart from affiliate offers. For the rest, wait until tomorrow ...