We veiled the fourth day of my article series on Affiliate Marketing.
In the days before you learned how to create a valuable free report, a squeeze with a high conversion rate , create a value add to your offer and set up your auto-responder .
Today we will spend our day explaining how to distribute the link of your squeeze page ...
(Day 4) How to distribute the link of your squeeze page
How to distribute the link of your squeeze page

Distribute widely the link of your squeeze page

You want to start things with a bang, so you're going to do a lot today to get the ball rolling. The sooner you can build your list, the sooner you will make your first sale.
Here's how to do ...

Tell your contacts

Some of the easiest sales you'll make are to people who already know you and trust you. And that's why you should start talking to as many people as possible about your Squeeze Page.
Use as many of the following tools as you have available:
  • Email your personal friends and family members to talk to them about your report. Have them move your link to their contacts too.
  • Write tweets about your free report on Twitter.com .
  • Talk about your free report to your friends social networks, such as your Facebook.com , MySpace.com or others.
  • Create a blog on your free report.
  • Include a link to your squeeze page in your signatures on the forums.
  • Include a signature file (a few lines that promote your free report) at the bottom of all the emails you send.
If you already have a mailing list, do not forget to tell them about your free report.
In any case, be sure to ask people to "re-tweet", "re-post" or otherwise help you share the link to your free report (squeeze page).

Spread the word across multiple sites

The above methods allow you to display your link to a warm audience. Here's how to show your ads to a targeted audience (but not necessarily hot) ...
  • Post an ad on diggs-likes like Scoopéo . Be sure to post it in the most applicable section of the article and not cross-post in any category or sub category.
  • Post an ad on a relevant forum. Do not forget to include the link to your free report (squeeze page) in your signature on the forums.
  • Purchase advertising space in the forums if possible.
  • Submit press releases online.
  • You can also post your ads on eBay.com
Tomorrow we'll see how to find even more leads for your affiliate product. In the meantime, leave a comment under this article if you have questions ...