This is the sixth guest article by Yves kouyo from the blog from a series of 8 articles. Yves explains, through these tickets, what you will have to do every day, for a week, to get your first sale as an affiliate.
Yesterday, you had the opportunity to discover a little known method to create a huge contact list in a short time. Today we will use the traditional method ... Article marketing.
(Day 6) How to promote effectively with article marketing
How to promote with article marketing

Content Writing and Submission

Today, you should start by continuing to promote your squeeze page using the methods you have already learned previously in this report. And you will add a more promotional method:
Namely, writing and submission of content.
Now you have learned some ways of content marketing, such as blogging (if you have a blog) and distribution of press releases. But today, I want to focus on another powerful method: article submission directories.
If you search for article directories, you will see that there are many, many places where you can submit articles. However, here is a short list of some of the best directories:

There are three main ways these articles will drive traffic to your site:
  1. You will have indirect traffic from search engines. This is only true if you optimize your content for the search engines, which means a relevant finding of keywords and then including two of those keywords or three every 100 words of your content.
  2. You will get internal traffic. Each of these sites have their own visitors ... and these visitors can read your articles and click on your link.
  3. You will get the traffic when someone republishes your article. These article directories allow other newsletter and blog publishers to publish your content on their site or blog.
Now, there are some retouches to the writing of these articles:
  • Create a catchy title. Refer to the section on sales letter writing, because the tips are the same here.
For example: "How to clear the lines of your face! "
  • Make the article relevant to the product you are selling. This way you attract the target market. In other words, the same people who read your article will also be interested in your newsletter and the product you are promoting.
One of the best ways is to make sure your article is 100% relevant to your free report. In this way, you can tell readers the link to your squeeze page for more information.
Example: If you have created a free report on puppy training at home, you can create several articles on topics related to part of the process, such as choosing a kennel, creating a consistent schedule with the puppy, how often to take the puppy, what to do if there is an accident, etc.
  • Promote your squeeze page in your signature. Generally, the only place where you are allowed to promote is in your signature (also called the author's bio box, the author's resource box and similar names). As such, you will be able to include a location for your free report.
  • Does your dog never embarrass or upset you by jumping on your guests, surfing the counter or digging the garden?
  • Did you know that you can stop all these nasty behaviors quickly and easily in just 36 hours?
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Tip: You can create articles quickly, easily and simply by extracting sections of your free report and turning them into articles. You will need to add an introduction and a conclusion.
It's a quick way to create multiple articles that are 100% relevant to your free report!
If you apply what you have learned so far, you will build a very good list and make sales! But we have not finished yet ...
Tomorrow, I'll show you how to use the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page ....