How are you today. I hope you put into practice what we saw in the early days.
In this third article, I show you how to set up your autoresponder with your series of reminder emails.
(Day3) How to set up your auto responder to generate affiliate sales
How to configure your auto-responder

Setting up your auto-responder

At this point, you have a bonus that you will offer to anyone who buys the product through your affiliate link.
You also have a free report that you will give to anyone who will join your list, as well as a mini sales page (squeeze page) where you encourage people to join your list to claim the free report.
Your next step?
Get an auto-responder and set it up so you can start collecting email addresses, build a relationship with your subscribers, and promote your affiliate product. Here's how to do it ...

Step 1: Obtain an auto-responder

If you do a little research, you will see two main auto-responder options. You can use a script on your site or hire the services of an automated mailing list company.
I suggest the second option is more reliable and has a good reputation since companies spend a lot of time ensuring that your messages arrive in the inbox of your recipients.
There are several, but I will only recommend three. Aweber (which I currently use), GetResponse and Cybermailing (auto-responder in French).
Once you have chosen which one suits you best, you can continue:
  • Choose a time and register for one of these three services.
  • Then check out their support section - you'll find all the videos and text instructions to set up your answering machine, download your messages, and more. Just consider these documents since you will need to get back to them later (unless you are already familiar with setting up an autoresponder).
  • Please, note that you will also find how to copy and paste the code on your website so that your subscription form appears on your squeeze page.
  • Take a few minutes to review these instructions right now so that you can add your form to your squeeze page. When you have finished this task, move on to the next one ...

Step 2: Create a series of stimulus emails.

Now that you have selected an autoresponder, put the subscription form on your Squeeze Page, your next step is to download a first batch of emails.
These emails are designed to provide quality content for your subscribers (which helps you build a relationship with them), and promote your affiliate product so you can start making sales immediately. As such, most of your emails will be content that happens part by part.
Tip: Try to create messages that are 300 to 500 words. About ¼ of the text can be your land.
So, how many messages will you need to create?
Most experts agree that it takes about seven "emails" before prospects become familiar with you. And that means you have to create a series of emails (between 7 to 12 messages) of automatic reminders.
Tip: You can create a series that spans several weeks or even months - or a year, if you prefer. Your list will have to work on the autopilot. Otherwise, you will need to send a direct message about once a week just to stay in touch with your list.)
If you do not pre-load your autoresponder with several emails of several months or a year, then make sure your content is persistent. This means that the content is relevant, tested, is not old, dated or outdated.
Example: Talking using exercise and portion control to lose weight are evergreen tips.
But referring to some new questionable diet pills is not an evergreen tip, because the pill might require more time to lose weight and is no longer overuse nowadays because of the side effects.
Today you can create all seven (or almost) messages, if time permits.
If not, create the first three or four messages today, load them on your answering machine and then write one per day for the next few days until you have at least seven posts in your series.
Now, since you want to make your first sale at the latest in a week you should send your first messages on a daily basis. In addition, your prospects are hotter in the immediate future (after downloading the free report).
Here is an example of a calendar, for the first seven messages:
  • Message 1: sent immediately after the prospect is joined to your list.
  • Message 2: sent 24 hours later.
  • Message 3: sent 24 hours later.
  • Message 4: sent 24 hours later.
  • Message 5: sent two days later.
  • Message 6: sent two days later.
  • Message 7: sent three days later.
Tip: If you have multiple messages, space them out gradually as I show above until you send messages once a week.

Now your next step is deciding what to put in your messages.

Basically, you will create a series of automatic messages that is similar to the free report that you send when people sign up for your list.
This way, people who read your report will also read your e-mails. And of course they also want the affiliate product you are promoting.
Tip: Maybe you start asking me: Why not just send a series of emails to your subscribers? Why should you also send a free report?
Simple: Because everything you send to your subscribers promotes your affiliate product. So a free report gives you an opportunity to make a sale. And every email you send gives you another opportunity.
Plus, people often share reports ... which means it could have a "viral" effect and be seen by those who have not even joined your list.
The point is, you want to get your message to your prospects in as many ways as possible!
Now, let me give you some examples of what kind of stimulus emails you can send.
  • You offer a free report on diets (because you sell a product on diets). You send in 10 emails to your prospects on the 10 ways to burn 200 calories with a diet each day.
  • You are offering a free report on writing a belly letter. You create a series of seven-part emails that offer dozens of sales letter templates.
The other reason you need these emails is that they are closely related to the product you are selling and because you will be promoting the product in every email.
Sometimes you will promote the product in the beginning of the email, like this:
Example: "Today, you will discover the diet that will allow you to burn as much calories as you've ever done in a week. But first, I wanted to tell you ... [insert link to your affiliate product]. "
Sometimes you will promote at the end, like this:
Example: "That's it for today ... but before you start applying it, do you want to take 30 seconds to check that [your affiliate link]. This is because this link will show you how to set up your first website that will make a lot of money in your pocket at the weekend.
You can even do it in your postscript, like this:
Example: PS: Have you checked [product name]? Otherwise, click here to do it now, because it's the quickest and easiest way to lose 20 pounds!
You can send people to a pre-sale page that offers your opinion about the product ... and your offer of an extra premium to those who buy through your link.
In other words, you pre-sell to your prospects, warm them up before sending them to the seller's sales page.
The other alternative is to pre-sell to your prospects from your real email. In this case, you can write a few paragraphs about how the product benefits the prospect. Be sure to mention your bonus offer too.

Quick reminder

Today your task is to get an autoresponder, create your series of stimulus emails, put it in your autoresponder and include your affiliate link for product promotion.
Once it's set up, you can start promoting your squeeze page ... Since you've basically set up a sales machine that works to build your list, build trust with your subscribers and promote your affiliate links !
Now your next step is to put this machine into action. And the only way to do that is to get as many targeted eyeballs in front of your squeeze page as possible!
How to do this ? You will see that tomorrow. For now, leave me a comment if you have questions about this article ...