Fresh Shrimp Strawberry Salad

Fresh Shrimp Strawberry Salad

Strawberry, colorful fruit that we know That can only be eaten in the winter Tropical people like us can only wait for the day to eat the salt dipping strawberries and enjoy themselves. But today we are offering an incredible menu In this Tamutami fruit Will be able to be combined into a "salad" in the flavor of the Thai spicy flavor. Which is the menu named "Fresh Shrimp Strawberry Salad"

What to bring

1. 20 fresh strawberries
2. Shrimp, peeled, left and tail cut, 6-8 slices
3. Fresh vegetables as you like, such as broccoli or kale stalks (with or without) 50 grams
4. Minced pork Or 50 grams of minced chicken.
5. Onion ½ head onion
6. 8-10 mint leaves
7. Cashew nuts baked or fried as you like


1 tablespoon chopped chilli,
3 tablespoons of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of
fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of


1. Heat the boiling pot (Add salt as well) and scald the fresh vegetables that we want to add to add enough to boil for 2-4 minutes, then set aside to cool down.
2. Change the scald. (No need to add salt) and boil to a boil, then bring the shrimp to blanch Takes only 2-3 minutes to cook (small) and 5-7 minutes (large). How to observe that the shrimp is cooked The shrimp will float up. The trick is to choose boiled shrimp before pork. Because the shrimp has a unique aroma If blanched before the pork, it will make the smell of the pork cover up the smell of shrimp. Then scald the minced pork, bring to rest, slowly cool down.
3. Wash the strawberry. The cut and fabric terminal half
4. Make the salad ingredients. By mixing lemon juice, fish sauce, sugar and blending together until the sugar is dissolved And followed by sliced ​​paprika Then put The raw materials we have Is a dense shrimp Followed by fragrant minced pork Mix them together
5. This step is considered the most important step. As it is a process of inserting Strawberry itself. Then perform Mash gently Because the strawberry may be messy, followed by the mint leaves that we have already decided. Ending with crispy cashews.
6. Ready to eat.
Just think of the sweet and sour taste of strawberries Then spit out But this is the ultimate shrimp introduction Come mixed with strawberry in a taste that is appealing to Thai people Also can be done easily at home Or can be sold as a restaurant's well-known menu

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