This strategy is not yet fully established, I just started it and I have not done all the steps yet.
So I'll explain this strategy from A to Z as if I had not started yet:
Here is the unstoppable marketing strategy long awaited by readers of the Taf indie blog
Here is the key to the success of my online business

1) The product

To begin, I will choose a product that I will sell but not any ... Here are the characteristics that must own my product:
  • My product must be an affiliate product, ie a product sold by someone who pays me a commission on each of my sales.
  • My product must be in demand. So I have to do a market study ... What good is it to try to sell a product if it does not interest anyone?
  • My product must come from a good affiliate platform known for its seriousness.
  • My product must be of quality.
  • My product must not have a ridiculous price like € 7 or € 17.
  • My product must have a sales page that converts very well.
  • The affiliator of my product must offer a big commission of at least 50%.

2) The link between my client and me

Before proposing my product to my prospects, and even during the sales phase, I will have exchanges with them , give them free content, give them gifts, show them my expertise, make sure they have confidence in me, etc ...
For all that, I will:
  • use my quality autoresponder Aweber ,
  • create a list in my auto-responder where my prospects will be registered,
  • create a form and a squeeze page to capture the email address of my visitors.
  • provide a quality gift to my prospects in exchange for their email address. This gift must absolutely be related to my affiliate product so that my prospects are qualified,
  • continue to provide, by email, free content to my prospects,
  • relaunch my prospects by email with 80% of informative content and 20% of promotional content for the final, to conclude on a sale.

3) Traffic

To hope to have people who buy my product, it will of course traffic to my squeeze page.
There are many techniques to generate traffic but I will choose only two.
One will allow me to have a large volume of visitors in a short time and the other will allow me to have a few visits every day.
- Guest articles (guest posting or guest blogging)
To have a large volume of visitors in a short time, I will offer guest articles to bloggers who generate, every day, a lot of traffic on their blog.
All bloggers want to have as much content as possible on their blog. So I think most will accept my proposal.
I will provide them with informative and quality articles. At the end of each of these articles, I will leave my link pointing to my squeeze page.
Thus, most readers who read my articles to the end, will visit my page and some will give me their email address to receive the gift that I will offer them.
Blogs, where my articles will be published, will of course have the same theme as my affiliate product in order to recover qualified leads.
- The referencing of a blog
It is very difficult, almost impossible to reference a squeeze page on several keywords. So, I will simply create a blog to have daily visits to my squeeze page.
For Google, the content is king. The more articles I have with keywords, the more visitors I will have coming from the search engines.
On my blog, I will publish, once or twice a week, articles with keywords related to the theme of my affiliate product.
At the beginning and at the end of each article, there will be a catch followed by the link of the squeeze page. There will also be a banner on the sidebar of the blog that will redirect to the squeeze page.
My prospects will come from my articles optimized for search engines. And some, will click on the link of my squeeze page and will then register via my form.
And more ... Well, they will receive, by email, other free content from me and reminders to buy my product.
Over time, I will probably add other techniques to generate traffic.

My sales process

To recap, here is in order my sales process:
Traffic (guest articles and blog) -> Squeeze page (email capture in exchange for a gift) -> Sequence email (free content) -> Email recovery (to sales page).
Basically, my sales process is divided into 4 parts:
  1. The prospecting phase.
  2. The phase of capturing email addresses.
  3. The awareness phase.
  4. The purchase stimulus phase.
In the end, this strategy will allow me to automate my business. From the moment that the prospect will register on my squeeze page, he will receive all my emails automatically. Indeed, my emails will already be programmed.
Even after a sale, I'll take care of nothing because it's not my product. My client will receive the product from an affiliate platform and if he has questions or wants a refund, he will need to contact the platform or the author of the product.

Automate and delegate everything

It's all well and good, but it is true that to establish such a strategy so that it is automated, there is really a lot of work (creation of the squeeze page, creation of gifts, writing emails, etc ...)
Personally, I do not have all the skills and the time to do all this work. And for that, I will invest to delegate most tasks.
I will first register for the Affiliate Pro Club where we have already done a market research for me, where I will have chosen a quality affiliate product and in demand, where I will provide the gifts in video for prospects, the squeeze page, awareness and reminders emails, etc ...
As for guest articles and articles from my blog, I will retrieve the English articles provided by the Club Affiliation Pro . Then I will have them translated and optimized by providers on . It's cheap and it's worth it.
Concerning the invited articles that will be translated, I will still take them back and modify them to my sauce so that they are more personal.


In the end, I will only install and configure my squeeze page, my autoresponder and my blog. And that, in one go. Just about everything else will be automated and delegate ... apart from the few tasks I like to do!Here is the unstoppable marketing strategy long awaited by readers of the Taf indie blog
This is the strategy of the super affiliate. I discovered it through the Club Affiliation Pro forum *
More precisely, thanks to their designers, Cédric Vimeux and Ludovic Gautier who are themselves great affiliates and who generate thousands of euros a year thanks to the affiliation.
I think I will have good results if I do things right. I will not see the fruits of my harvest right away but in a few months surely.
As I said, it is not a miracle method. Although ... when the train is really running, the money will come back on its own without my having to intervene.
In short, if I get very good results, I will write a book where I will describe in detail how I did. So, you too will be able to do it ...
I can not detail everything in this article, it would be much too long. Moreover, it is a strategy that I have just started and that I have not finished yet. It may be that other steps of this strategy are added in my book.

It's your turn…

I hope that I expressed myself well in this article and that you have little understood my strategy. If not, leave me a comment under the article ...
If you understand, also leave a comment by giving me your opinion. Answer this question:
Do you think this strategy will allow me to automate my online business and finally be financially independent?
I'm waiting for your answer ... Thanks in advance! Here is the unstoppable marketing strategy long awaited by readers of the Taf indie blog