One of the major problems of the blogger is the fear of the blank sheet, in other words, the breakdown of inspiration when he wants to write an article on his blog.
It is true that when you start as a blogger on a topic that fascinates us, at first we are motivated with many ideas of articles in the head. But arrived at a certain time, after a few days or weeks, it blocks! We are out of stock. We have more inspiration, more ideas of articles for his blog.
If you are in this case, here are 5 tips to no longer be out of inspiration:
Here's how to avoid the failure of inspiration if you want to write an article on your blog

1- Make a survey

If you already have loyal readers, do a survey on your blog and ask your readers what they would like most about your blog or what problems they would like to solve. Thus, you will have ideas of articles. And then, it is for your readers that you write so they will, for sure, be happy to read you.
You can integrate directly into your blog a poll with the WP Polls plugin If you have an auto responder with a subscriber list, you can create a poll on and email it to your subscribers.

2 - Reading and learning every day

To avoid having breakdowns of inspiration, learn by reading often. Read books on the theme of your blog. Also read the blogs of your partners or competitors. Whenever you read, take notes to get ideas for articles.

3 - Articles or ebooks free of rights

Get articles or ebooks free of rights, copy them and change them to your sauce. Then publish them on your blog. By purchasing articles or ebooks free of rights, you are allowed to do what you want (copy, paste, put your name, etc ...).
You can get articles and ebooks free here .

4 - Store your articles

As I told you, sometimes you do not have any inspiration when you want to write an article on your blog. But sometimes it can happen just the opposite!
If you suddenly have lots of article ideas and are motivated to write them at the same time, take advantage and store them in your blog. So, when you have no more inspiration, simply take one of your items in stock and put it online.

5 - Do not write

When we are lacking in inspiration, it is often because we are tired, we are stressed, we are not concentrated, the environment or we are not allowed to write, etc ...
It's useless to write at these moments to finally write a very mediocre article. Or at worst, you can write when you are in this situation and store your article to correct it later, by the time you are better.
But when you are in this situation, it is better to deviate a little from your computer and go out a little. Take a walk outside, do some sports or go see friends.
You can, for example, think and meditate while you walk or run to find inspiration for your blog.
Do this and you'll find that when you get home, you'll be right in your head and motivate yourself to write articles on your blog.

And you ? Do you know any other tips to avoid the inspiration breakdown on your blog? Leave a comment…