In this short article, I will tell you about affiliate programs.
For example, I would take Aweber because it is currently the only English affiliate program where I am registered.
But most of all, I'd like to talk about this one because, for the first time, I received a check ... in DOLLARS from Aweber. You can see it in picture below!
This check, I would have preferred to receive it much later. You'd like to know why ? Well, read on ...
I received a check for 51.90 dollars but I would have liked to receive it much later!
My first Aweber check
This is a $ 51.90 check that I received in September 2019 and that I have not yet cashed at the time of writing. Why ?
Well, because I'm in no hurry because I'm going to lose at least half of my commissions on this check! : D
In fact, the only payment method Aweber offers for its affiliates is the check "in dollars" .. And that's a shame for us francophones.
Because for cashing a foreign check, we are obliged to pay fees to our bank.
For my part, I am at the bank of the Savings Bank and to cash a check from abroad, here is what they say:
Checks from the euro zone are subject to a commission of 0.103% per transaction, with a minimum of 8.35 euros and a processing fee of 2.61 euros.
Outside the euro zone, these rates are the same, but the foreign exchange commission must be added to 0.051%, with a minimum of 12.86 euros.
In short, by cashing this check, I lose about half my commissions! I received a check for 51.90 dollars but I would have liked to receive it much later!
I wonder why Aweber does not offer to pay their affiliates by Paypal ? It could settle us frankly.
If Aweber continues in this line, I think that one day or another, this auto-responder will no longer be number 1 among Francophones. Especially with the arrival of the self-responder SG auto-responder !

The best solution ?

If I say in the title of this article that I would have preferred to receive the check much later, it is because I receive commissions each month with Aweber seen that their system works with a subscription.
So what I should have done was to change my billing threshold in my Aweber account, like $ 300, $ 400 or $ 500. Thus, I lose less costs since I would have to cash less check. Do it now!I received a check for 51.90 dollars but I would have liked to receive it much later!
So if you too are affiliated with Aweber or another English-speaking affiliate program, I advise you to limit your payment threshold of your commissions to at least $ 200.
Thus on each check cashed, your expenses will be minimal compared to your commissions