Internet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before writing an email + 7 examples of successful emails

Internet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before writing an email + 7 examples of successful emails

Did you know that there is a question that you must ask yourself BEFORE writing an email?
This question is: What do you want your reader to do after reading your message?
In other words: What is the purpose of your email?
Do you want your reader:
- buys something
- reads something
- sends you a testimonial
- adheres to an idea
- changes his perception of things
- ... etc.
Here, I review 4 objectives and accompany them with a total of 7 emails that you can inspire.
These emails are drawn in part from those I wrote for members of the Club Affiliation Pro that I invite you to join.
Internet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before describing an email + 7 successful examples
How to write successful emails

Objective 1: Read the sales page

To make sure that a prospect buys your product, you must first read the sales page of this product.
Here are 2 examples:
Example 1
In this first example, the prospect has already received a free video training entitled "The Mechanics of Sleep". The purpose of this email is to invite the prospect to read the sales page of a product that may be of great interest to him.
TITLE: If you too are in this case ...
Hello FIRST,
One of those who loved "The Mechanics of Sleep"
writes to me that despite the videos and everything
they have taught him, he still can not
sleep well .
He asked me if I knew a NATURAL
and especially EFFICIENT method that allows him to settle
once for all these problems of sleep.
A gentle, easy and natural method.
You too are looking for it.
The good news is that such a method exists
and you can receive it now.
The last video made some allusions
to this great method ...
This method is not infallible - some people
can resist it - but it has at least the merits
of being scientifically proven, of being natural, of
causing no danger to health, of being pleasant and ...
... to be 100% guaranteed!
Either it helps you recover a good sleep within
30 days, or it is fully
See for yourself :
This type of email has the main purpose of making discover the offer in question . See also how I introduce the idea of ​​"natural method".
Example 2
Another example. Here, the email is much shorter, but its goal is always the same: invite your prospect to discover your offer.
Here, the prospect has already received a video series on cellulite.
Title: We need you [NAME]!
Hello FIRST,
We are looking for 500 women in a hurry
to lose a few pounds, but who
can not follow a diet.
If you are interested, go
Here we go short and get straight to the point. Notice how I also introduced the limited offer idea "we are looking for 500 women".

Objective 2: Get customer testimonials

Testimonials on a sales page can increase your returns by 50%. In other words, they are extremely important.
It is therefore necessary to obtain a maximum of testimonials from your customers. Here is an example of email that I use to get my testimonials:
TITLE: Could you give me this little service?
Hello FIRST,
Would you be kind enough to do me a
I explain to you :
I have some people who are interested in the
program "How to write
Internet sales pages " but who still hesitate to order.
Please reply to this email to give me
a little testimony?
Explain to me why you bought this
What did he bring you?
Was it helpful? And above all, do you
feel that you are getting what you pay for?
By answering me, you authorize me to use
your testimony with this group of people.
If you have any criticisms or suggestions, do
not hesitate to add them too.
A good idea may also be to offer an extra gift to those who are kind enough to send you a testimonial.

Goal 3: Create an idea in your reader's mind

Words have a lot of power and it's very easy to use them to put ideas in the minds of your readers.
Here are three examples you can take inspiration from:
Example 1
This email is part of an awareness phase to prepare the launch of a product on How to get ideas.
The purpose of this email is to establish the fact that it is possible to make a fortune with the simple ideas that anyone can have.
TITLE: 96 empty pages generate millions of euros
Hello FIRST,
Cindy Cashman published, under the pseudonym of
Dr. Alan Francis, a 96-page book ... VIDES.
This book did not contain a single word, nor a single
image, but nevertheless sold to MILLIONS
of copies.
Wondering how it is possible?
I'll give you the answer in a moment, but
it's not important anyway, but
rather ... the concept.
What concept? Creativity !
It is at the origin of everything (the chair on which
you are sitting, the screen you are looking at ...) and also
that of human evolution.
What would be our world today if the man had not
invented the wheel? Or writing? (Or the Internet?)
Creativity is present in all of us, on
more or less conscious levels.
It is neither a question of culture, nor a question
of intelligence.
By the way, next time, I'll explain why
intelligence can sometimes be a brake on creativity.
But, for now, let's go back to our
blank 96-page book .
The incredible success of this book is based on a
simple idea : its TITLE.
This book is titled "Everything Men Know About Women"
(translation: "All men know about
And the fact that it contains nothing gives the answer:
men do not know anything about women!
It is therefore the "joke" side of this book that made it a success.
Now, think for a moment ...
Is this idea not simple? Almost stupid?
Could not anyone have had it?
YOURSELF, FIRST NAME, you could have had it. Not true?
Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that
bring in the most money.
Think about it ;-)
PS: In 2 days, I will send you a very
important email for YOU! Stay connected ".
Alluring, is not it?
Sincerely, after reading this email, are you not convinced that you, too, can make a fortune with a simple little idea?
Example 2
Here is an email I wrote for a book on "Dog Training". The goal here is to create the idea that a bad reminder can lead to the death of your dog. I rely on my personal story.
In this email, I try to instill a sense of fear.
Here's how :
TITLE: I lost 2 dogs in one year - here's how you can avoid this
Hello FIRST,
2004 was a very sad year for me, as my two
dogs - Pipo and Chipie - died that year a
few months apartInternet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before describing an email + 7 successful examples
At the time, I lived in a small house at the exit
of a city.
Every day, cars that crossed the city accelerated
along the road and passed in front of me at full speed.
It did not stop. From morning to night.
Pipo and Chipie had no reminder. They were little dogs
(butterflies) and I did not see the point in teaching them
all these "dressage stuff".
The problem was that they always managed to escape. Either
by digging under the fence. Either sneaking as soon as the door
was opened. Etc.
Pipo was fleeing for days when he was in heat.
They were both crushed in 2004: '(
For Chipie, it was an accident. She crossed the road at full
speed when a car that was driving too fast passed.
She suffered long hours. We had to sting her.
For Pipo: he was on the side of the road and a driver
hit him voluntarily.
It happened so quickly that we did not even have
time to write down the registration number of the car.
Who are the responsibles? These 2 drivers?
No ! I am the manager.
Because if I had properly educated my dogs, if I had
taught them how to get back on my feet as soon as I called them, not to
flee, etc., these dramas would never have occurred.
I have a new dog since then and I took care to teach him
what he needs for his safety.
You can do the same thanks to Caroline
Lange's practical guide It only costs you 15 minutes and 30 euros ...
... ie: NOTHING compared to the safety and happiness of
your dog.
This handy guide teaches you everything you need
to keep your dog safe and safe from
deadly dangers .
And I'm not just talking about the reminder.
You will teach him, for example, not to eat everything
he finds.
This is very important because it will prevent him from choking or - even worse -
from poisoning himself.
If your dog is small, he will learn not to ... attack big
It is very common with small dogs. Pipo did it often.
He had to be brought to the veterinarian one day because he had
a very bad tooth.
In short, all this to tell you that properly educating your
dog is also useful for his safety, for his survival.
So, I ask you the question:
Why not try
Caroline Lange's "Train your dog in 15 minutes a day" guide ?
I am convinced that you will be delighted by this practical guide and
that it will bring you a lot.
Receive it NOW by visiting:
This is an excellent email that has brought a lot of results.
Example 3
This email is a reminder for a book on mind maps.
Here, I want to convey the idea that anyone can become hyper-creative by simply using the 2 parts of their brain (we usually only use one).
TITLE: Are you cut in half, FIRST?
Hello FIRST,
Do you know the legendary Balmung sword?
She belonged to Siegfried, Great Hero of
Scandinavian mythology.
It is said that no other sword in the world
was as sharp as this one and that it
was so sharp that its blade could
cut a man in two, from skull to
foot, in one fell swoop.
He felt nothing ... until he moved
and fell into two pieces.
You see, FIRST NAME, we are all a bit
like those fighters who were cut in
half by the Balmung sword.
We only use half
of our brain - the left side, that of
logical thinking - and often forget
the other - the right part, that of imagination
and intuition!
It's as if our brain had been cut
in half and we could
only use one half of it.
The heuristic maps allow us to
"pick up" the two pieces of our
brain to exploit the potential
of everyone.
The Mind Map is the only process in the
world that can work your two
brains together, in unison, to
get the most out of it.
It is based on the very structure of the
brain in order to draw at the same time its
capacities of logical reflection and also
its intuitive and creative capacities.
If you've ever been wrong,
forget things, do not
understand others, do not find
solutions, then you really need to be
interested in mind maps.
I assure you that by using them in the
right way - the one explained in
the "Complete Mind Map Method" -
you will benefit enormously.
Try and judge for yourself the results.
You will see Internet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before describing an email + 7 successful examples
Do you also see how I propose to try this method, and not to buy Internet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before describing an email + 7 successful examples

Objective 4: Refute a price objection

" It's too expensive ! "
This is certainly one of the objections we receive most often. This objection is even the biggest fear of some sellers.
The best way to refute it is to take the lead and write a quick email recovery on this topic and make comparisons to make the price ridiculous.
Here is an example :
TITLE: I do not understand you FIRST
Hello FIRST,
Frankly, I do not understand you!
You want more than anything in the world to have a child.
And you know that the practical guide "The Miracles of
Pregnancy" greatly improves your chances of having one.
It has already allowed many couples like yours.
And then, you would not be reading this email if this
book did not interest you. Not true?
Yet, to date, you still have not made the wise
decision to try it without risk ...
Do you find this book TOO EXPENSIVE?
If so, then I ask you a simple question:
=> What is the price of a child?
You know that having a baby is priceless. It is a
jewel of inestimable value.
It will be the source of your greatest joy, your greatest
pride and the best memories of your life.
And the book I am talking about can REALLY improve
your chances of having a child.
He did it for dozens of couples like yours.
You can receive it now, by download,
for the price of a single restaurant for two.
Frankly, what do you prefer? Make a small restaurant or
have a child?
If you prefer the child, then I really invite you to
receive your copy of The Miracles of Pregnancy,
because I am sure you will be delighted.
It is an extremely strong email. See how I literally break price objections with extremely powerful comparisons: "What is the price of a child? Or "What do you prefer? Make a restaurant or have a child? "
Here, I hope that this little overview will be useful.
You can take inspiration from my emails. Attention, to inspire does not mean to plagiarizeInternet Marketer: The question to ask yourself before describing an email + 7 successful examples

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