When starting an activity on the Internet, we focus completely on its traffic.
We try very quickly to generate a significant number of visitors to our website, but the problem is that we do not pay enough attention to our visitors validate the action expected of them.
Is your conversion rate more important than your traffic?
When we have a lot of traffic and no results, we think it's only because our traffic is not targeted so we regularly go looking for new targets, new sources of traffic ... What a mistake!
Most of the time, the problem does not come from the target at all, but rather from its own site. The content is presented in a confusing way and as we are looking for money, we add a lot of ads that, instead of attracting clicks, divert visitors from any form of action.

Reduce the content of your pages

The first thing to do is to reduce the content of the pages of its website to a single action.
If you want to sell a product, do not make any other external promotion. If you want to recover the email addresses of your visitors, focus on this one goal!
Many people still tell me today that they can not sell or create their lists. By simply visiting their pages, I always see the presence of many banners, sometimes I do not even see that that ... This clearly disorients visitors ...
Put yourself in your visitor's place! What will he find on your site? What does he have to do ? Does he just want to do something else besides leaving your site? Think about it, one action at a time!

Test your web pages

The second thing to do is to do tests on the pages of your site to improve your conversion rate.
There are tools, like Google Website Optimizer allowing you to carry out certain tests. Indeed, to make modifications on a page is good, but it is still necessary to be able to compare them, to put them in balance compared to other thing. A simple change on a page can work in your favor or against you.
Splits tests allow you to share your traffic on two or more different pages so you can define the impact of a change.
The best is to test the hook (the title) of your page. But you can do tests on 2 completely different pages if, for example, you really hesitate between two types of sales letters. Then, for the page that converts the best, you will need to refine it to improve it again.
You can also test a banner or links on your blog with Affiz Adserver .
For my part, as I write this article, I test, above and below each article of my blog, two rotating sentences accompanied by a link that redirects to the promotion page of my program. online . These phrases are automatically rotated with Affiz Adserver.
Half of my traffic sees my first sentence and the other half sees the second. Then, the Affiz Adserver control allows me to see which sentence receives the most clicks. Thus, I will keep the sentence that generates the most clicks then add a new one hoping that it is better. And so on…
You can see a video preview of this great management, click here . As you will see, you will be able to very easily create rotating advertisements .


We all focus on the traffic to completely forget our conversion rate. It's no use having a monstrous traffic if your site or blog does not convert well enough or not at all.
With a good conversion rate, we can have very good results even with a small traffic. So always test and test your web pages . This is one of the keys to success when managing a business on the internet.