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Review Cheese Rolls

Review Cheese Rolls

Pamper the cheese lovers with "cheese rolls" or bread wrapped in cheese with a crispy outside. Tender on the inside of the bread, which when bitten, will have cheese stretched out Making this snack snack menu Became a paradise for people who love fried cakes by default Or if you don't like frying, you can bake it in the oven. Aside from the deliciousness of cheese, there are also gimmicks that can add a variety of fillings, such as bologna, crab sticks, ham, tuna, sausages, can be applied as you like. Let's see what must be prepared to create this menu.

raw material

• Bread (wholewheat or non-tweeted)
• Cheddar cheese
• Eggs (if fried method is selected)
• Butter (if baking method is selected)
• Ham / Bologna with thin, square slices
• Sae Whiz Spread
• Parsley
• Onion
• Toothpick


• Cheese Rolls
1. Prepare the bread by cutting the edges out. And use the squeegee to flatten it.
2. Place the Cheddar cheese into it.
3. Follow with ham or bologna.
4. If you want to add extra filling such as Sausages can be made. But the bread may not be wrapped around, so use a toothpick to help clasp And choose baking methods instead of frying (Because the bread is not all wrapped in cheese If fried, may cause the cheese to leak out).
5. Roll as you like.
6. In the case of frying, let us roll the bread and then coat the egg. And fry in a low heat Otherwise the bread will burn. When enough, the yellow frame will bring up.
7. In the case of baking Melt the butter on a plate or tray to put in the oven. Then place the finished roll, then put in the oven using medium heat for about 10 minutes.
• Dipping sauce
1. Use sandwiches to turn into the base of the dipping sauce.
2. Cut the parsley. Fine and mixed
3. Follow with finely chopped onion and mix well evenly.
4. Finish with make-up by parsley .
5. If you do not want to eat with this sauce With the choices of tomato sauce, chilli sauce or mustard,
the cheese roll process is complete. Delicious snacks.
However, this menu is considered to be a menu with high energy. When eating, should exercise along with Pass the food that will be received from that cheese In addition to fat, we also get the same amount of protein. Therefore, it is not considered that the menu is not very healthy.
Aside from eating as a snack, cheese roll is also considered a menu that children can learn under adult supervision at a budget of a few hundred baht. Can also be a joint cooking activity between parents and children to strengthen relationships within the family as well
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