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Review of the cold crepes career

Review of the cold crepes career

Japanese crepes are one of the desserts that can be seen in the market in Thailand at this time, divided into two types: hot crepes, which are crepes that the dough is crispy. The other type is cold crepes, which are characterized by sticky, softer and more flexible dough. Can put ice cream Or various fresh creams In which we will present a cold crepe sales career that, if you want to start a career in this field, how to prepare? As well as the factors that will make it successful

First of all, must know the details of the cold crepes first.

As mentioned above, cold crepes will have a sticky, soft dough. Can wrap various ice cream or cream The filling of cold crepes can be divided into two types, which are
• Dessert fillings
such as ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruits such as strawberry, bananas, kiwi, cornflakes, oreo, along with various sauce Such as condensed milk, chocolate, or strawberry etc.
• savory stuff
such as ham, bacon, sausage, cheese, tuna, chilli, pork sausage, and the sauce is such as tomato sauce, chilli sauce, mayonnaise or pizza sauce etc.


Nowadays, crepes are being developed to be in the form of franchises. Which is very easy to start With the franchise's price starting from 3,000 baht to buying a formula at 150,000 baht (excluding the cost of equipment to open the store). The investment in various devices May have the following items.
• Crepe stove (gas) 2-inch 14-inch steel plates for each stove
• Approximately 7,500 baht per piece • Crepe skewers, flour-cutting lanterns, skewers, chopping boards, long chopsticks (for Spoon, ladle) and ladle, etc.
The total value is around 20,000 baht. The price of crepes per piece is approximately 39 - 69 baht depending on the customer's face.

Important factors for success

Customer location must be easily accessible to the store By considering the target group that we want If wanting to be a student group Opening the school area is considered the most suitable location or if the target group is family. Market opening Or in the mall It can be done as well.
• The taste of flour.
This may be considered the most important part, because if the flour taste is not good, the quality of the shop is not fresh. No one would agree to pay us.
• Reasonable price.
Consistent with the above reason If our products are of good quality Price calls from customers will inevitably However, it must be based on the income of our target group.
• Skill in making crepes to look appealing.
In the event that an employee is employed to watch the shop Our staff should be trained to make crepes to look professional and appetizing. As it is a clear image of our store

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