Review of Salmon Seafood Salad

Review of Salmon Seafood Salad

If mentioning salmon then The words that we come to follow tend to be words about health and Japan. We know that Japanese people are healthy because of eating raw fish. And one option is salmon But if Thai people like us often eat raw salmon Sometimes it can get bored Today we would like to present a menu Salmon Yum Salad That uses salmon to make delicious Thai food As for the materials and procedures for how to do it Let's follow

Variety of yum recipes

Having said that, salmon salad has many recipes. Both salad recipes combined with sunflower sprouts Salad with fresh lemongrass, salad with mango, either raw or cooked salad. (But the popular one is raw), so we would like to present the groundwater salad per the amount of salmon used As for adding other components Have to consider increasing or decreasing certain nations, for example, if mixing with sour mango should reduce the amount of lime etc.

Main raw materials and ingredients

• Fresh diced salmon / slide / taste
• lemon juice
• sugar
• Fish
• shallots
• Hot chilli soy
• Soy Garlic
by the tips. The amount of lime juice and fish sauce must be added in the same amount. For you But if you like the sourness, you can add a little more lemon While the sugar has a crush on the salty and sour taste to be more mellow.


1. Put the ingredients and seasonings together.
2. Add the salmon fillets. Then mix well.
3. If wanting to add extra raw materials, it can be added at this stage

Suggestions in case of adding extra raw materials

• Case of Salmon Sunflower Sprout Salad
No need to blanch sunflower sprouts. And add kaffir lime leaves and mint leaves to add aroma The magnitude of the sunflower seedlings depends on preference. But if adding too much and there is no increase in the proportion of the ingredients in the salad sauce, it may make the salad taste fresh.
• In the case of mango salmon salad
May have reduced the lemon. And add cashews or lentils or fried into nuts To add crunchiness And add chili powder mixed with paprika garden with moderation The amount of mangoes is very small. Approximately 1 child by chopping the shredded like mango salad.
• In case of salmon lemongrass salad
Add only the spring onions to brighten the salad. With the same flavor as the flavor of the cook
It can be seen from raw salmon that is rich in Omega 3 and various vitamins. That is useful for both the brain and nervous system As well as our muscles and hearts Can be modified to be a variety of salmon salad To increase the enjoyment of eating Will receive food for both physical health and mental health problems as well.

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