Review Salmon Chilli Sauce

Review Salmon Chilli Sauce

One of the ancient dishes that has been paired with Thai lifestyles for a long time is "Nam Phrik" when eaten with hot steamed rice and fried fresh or boiled vegetables. It is considered a food that makes us healthy, beautiful body, can eat well in every home, with the passage of time into the urban society. We began to receive food culture from other nations. Such as Japan or various European dishes Combined with fitness trends Beauty nowadays Therefore resulting in various combinations of menus "Salmon Chili Paste" is one of them. Today we will review salmon chili sauce for everyone to know about the recipe. For eating at home No need to buy instant chili paste.

Raw materials (Doll's kitchen recipe website member)

• 200 grams of salmon fillet
• 10
capsicum • 2 bell peppers
• 3 tablespoons fish sauce • 3 tablespoons
lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon sugar
• 10 cloves of garlic
• 5 shallot


1. Take the hot chilli, baby chilies, garlic and onions to grill on fire. Or for convenience, it can be roasted in the pan.
2. Bring the salmon to grill or attach to the pan, steamed or boiled or even fried. If we like the crispy chili paste as we like.
3. After that, mix both ingredients together. By pounding in a mortar.
4. Season with prepared ingredients.
5. Ready to serve. Eaten with steamed rice, fresh vegetables or eaten with sticky rice is another delicious way.


• If you buy salmon that is frozen, you will need to reduce the amount of fish sauce added. Because salmon soaked will be salty.
• If you particularly like the sour or any flavor can be added as you like.
• Must use only mortar. Because spinning will spoil the taste
This menu, if made for sale, is considered one of the interesting menus. Currently, the selling price of this salmon chili paste is approximately 60 grams, 89 baht and 100 grams, 149 baht.

Benefits of salmon

Salmon is classified as "King of sea fish" with various benefits. With the distinctive feature of being a fish that is free from parasites Therefore safe and popular in raw eating Can help reduce fat and cholesterol in the body because of the good fat called "Omega 3". In addition, Omega 3 also helps to strengthen the nervous system and brain And also helps to strengthen muscles for those exercising Want to lose weight but tired of eating chicken breast in every Meals with protein that is easily absorbed by salmon
Will see that aside from being chic in the application of food, not boring Salmon also has many benefits. Waiting to create food for our body. In addition, the taste is also delicious among Thai people.

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