Reviews of Cakes in Baskets

Reviews of Cakes in Baskets

In other words, the news has appeared in various publishers. News about the brilliant ideas of Karen women From Suan Phueng District Ratchaburi With the application of foreign desserts Like cakes placed in bamboo sticks and decorated in various flavors Create a buzz for customers. Until selling well like hot cakes Today, we would like to come to review the cakes in Pailai Bamboo for you to get to know as if you were traveling to taste by yourself.

The beginning, before coming, was a cake in a bamboo barrel.

Cake in a bamboo cylinder Under the brand name "Pung Plui" was born from Khun Worakarn Inguttha, who has expertise and ability in baking bakery By having received training when working in Chonburi Province When returning home to work In Suan Phueng District Ratchaburi province by driving - sending students would like to find extra income. By using their own abilities Therefore thinking of the bakery business Like the cake that you are most good at But want to have their own products that are different from general bakery Therefore thought about things around him Based on the idea that "When we are in the forest Then how to bring the forest into the city? "Since Khun Worakan's house Quite far from Suan Phueng city It turns out that bamboo can't be found easily in the community and in one's own home. Therefore came up with the idea of ​​making cakes in bamboo tubes

Common bamboo is not Must be not only bamboo

Khun Worakan Ingkuta said that in the beginning, many bamboo species were used. But the most species is bamboo Because it can endure heat well, the meat is fragrant, once baked, the cake won't spoil the taste. In addition, food can be added as the bamboo flake does not provide good nutrition.

The characteristics of the cake in the bamboo sticks of the belly brand

At this time, bamboo cakes are decorated with cream, cookies, chocolates, fresh strawberries and connected strawberries. In addition, there is a page for customers to choose. If you like Thai flavors Which has a shelf life of only 5 days because it is made from freshly selected ingredients And without preservatives Must be stored in the refrigerator only.

If interested, where can I buy it?

At this time, due to the limitations of bamboo, only 200 cylinders can be produced per day via delivery to sell at Coffee shops in Suan Phueng District and on Saturday and Sunday on the Walking Street in front of Suan Phueng District No storefront Which represents a new kind of business That does not need a store, it can be completed at this time, has been registered as OTOP products of Ratchaburi province already And is currently working on a patent for food Considered as one of the pride of using Thai wisdom

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