One of the best ways to earn a recurring income online is to offer a subscription site. That is, your subscribers pay to access your content.
What's good with a subscription site is that you provide a small portion of your content on a weekly basis so as not to overwhelm your subscribers. Then at the same time, you receive a regular income . If you have 100 members who pay you 27 € every month, your income is 2700 € / month .Some get to have an income every month with a subscription site.  How do they do ?
But why do some people get a good monthly income from a paid subscription site while others can not? This is because they give their members content that gives solutions to their problems.
So, before launching your subscription site, you need to know exactly why people will pay every month to access your content. When someone joins a subscription site, it is because he is looking for a solution to a problem.
In other words, your members are looking for a quick fix, so you will have to provide them with what they want. You must then plan the content of your subscription site to keep your members registered.
Providing a quick fix does not mean you have to provide a complete solution. For example, if someone joins your subscription site that aims to lose 20 kg members, it would be wrong to try to lose those 20 kg during the first month. However, if you can show him how to lose 3 kg in the first week, you will have provided him with a quick fix.
Thus, he will be convinced and will remain a member of your site until the end to have the other contents that will allow him to lose 20kg. At worst, he will remain a member 2 or 3 months and it will be good.Some get to have an income every month with a subscription site.  How do they do ?
In short, your content should be provided in a step-by-step process with a clear result. You must keep your promise. Its very important. If you claim that you are teaching someone how to use a PowerPoint to create a video, this is exactly what he will have to learn from beginning to end.
People will leave your subscription site if you do not provide them with the information you promised them.
If you want to create a subscription site to get a recurring income, I recommend the guide "Paying access! How to build a member subscriber site in 48 hours . I got it recently and it is excellent!
Some get to have an income every month with a subscription site.  How do they do ?
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