Stop jumping on all opportunities and be a strategic entrepreneur

Stop jumping on all opportunities and be a strategic entrepreneur

A few days ago, I saw a commentator who asked on a blog if the system of Paypal channels was authorized vis-à-vis the law.
It reminded me of bad memories ...
Stop jumping on all opportunities and be a strategic entrepreneur
You are an outlaw if you follow this kind of system
Without going into the details, the system of Paypal channels  or money channels is to pay a small amount in Paypal accounts of people who have already paid money to other accounts to receive even from the money on his account.
If you have not understood too much, here is an example on this site ... (do not invest in this system which is prohibited by the law, read the page if you wish to know more about it and come back here to read more).
Silver chains are  pyramid schemes (NOTHING to be seen with MLM or network marketing) and this kind of system is prohibited by French law.
In addition, if you want to be financially independent with the internet, such a system will waste you time. I think it's not possible to generate a good residual income with this because not all participants play the game.

I tested this system and others also

When I started on the internet, I myself tried a Paypal system, more than 2 years ago, without really knowing what it was. And it did not bring me anything, NADA ...
At the time, I jumped on all the opportunities that I found and believe me, I left feathers. In other words, I lost a lot of time and a lot of money.
In fact, I was starting an opportunity. And as soon as I started, I found another that seemed more opportunistic then I grabbed it to give up the first, and I found a new one, then I abandoned my new business to be able to start another, and so on ...

Do you recognize yourself?

Maybe you recognized yourself after reading these lines ...
We stagnate by jumping on all opportunities. Unfortunately, most people who start online are doing business this way and in the end they have no results or very little.
Wanting to test every opportunity we discover, even if it is legal, is one of the factors that makes 95% of entrepreneurs do not succeed online.
If you discover other opportunities and you already have a business with you, stay focused on it. At worst, try a few and keep only the one that is most profitable.Stop jumping on all opportunities and be a strategic entrepreneur
It is by staying focused on ONE activity and ONE goal that you will succeed. And as soon as your business is stable and profitable, you can start another one.
Since I stopped jumping on all the opportunities that I encountered on my way, my business is clearly better.
Now, I take care of my blog and everything that goes around this one. I work with strategy and that is how I can move forward.

Stop being an opportunity seeker, become a STRATEGIC entrepreneur

If you too jump on all the opportunities while you want to be financially independent, STOP ANYWHERE! And become a strategic entrepreneur .
This is how you will achieve your goals.
To learn how to become a strategic entrepreneur, click here .... Everything is explained in video!

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