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Tips and tricks: make money with blogging

Why few bloggers only make money!

According to several published reports, the majority of bloggers do not make money with their blog. Among those who win, a tiny minority only alive.
Why so many bloggers fail to make money with their blog? Is it because of the difficulty in finding information? No, on the Internet there is everything you need. Why then ?
In fact, there are several reasons that I will reveal in the following lines:

1 - Bloggers are not Webmarketers

The first reason is probably this: a blogger is not a webmarketer. A webmarketer what is it? Here's what Google says:
The  Webmarketer participates in the development of the commercial and marketing strategy  of the company.
In collaboration with the various teams (marketing, advertising, communication, commercial ...), it sets the objectives to be achieved and the means to implement, after analysis and evaluation of the various components of the market.
He animates, manages the site and measures market trends in his field of activity. It is the person who will identify the new interactive media but also the off-line (TV, radio, newspapers, advertising displays ...).
One of these functions is to reach and exploit new deposits of customers and especially to retain existing customers through  targeted marketing operations.
The webmarketer must make every effort to promote the site. That is the traditional media but also develop a SEO strategy  on search engines and directories.
He participates in the development, design and implementation of the site (navigation, editorial, ergonomics, functionality ...).
Which bloggers meet these criteria, very few. So creating a blog and filling it with articles is not enough anymore! To succeed, one would have to do some marketing for one's blog.

2 - Bloggers do not take blogging seriously

Most people create a blog because it's fashionable, it's trendy and not for generating revenue. We create a blog without having fixed beforehand clear objectives based on a plan of action and on means (financial, human, training and others) and moreover most of the time, we say we try it and we'll see! Having created their blog with this kind of reasoning, it's not surprising that so many bloggers are not making money blogging.

3 - The initial investment is low

WordPress and others are free blogging platforms. A quality web host like 1and1 costs almost nothing. With a low cost of entry, we have almost nothing to lose. It does not cost you anything and therefore you do not really invest in it.
From there, the solution is to invest money in his blog. Buying a domain name worthy of the name, hosting pro, pro design, as soon as you invest money in your blog, you will take it more seriously.

4 - You only blog to earn money fast

You must know that making money with your blog takes a lot of time. It's not a job that instantly gives money. It will take time and effort. Certainly, there are US blogs that report quickly but they never fizzle because created on a trend (niche) of the moment and not on a niche they have the passion.
If you are not passionate about what you are doing, you will surely not stay long to see success. It takes no less than several months for those who are successful to start earning real amounts of money regularly. It is their passion that drives them to success. After taking the precautions we mentioned above, whether the blog succeeds or not, they continue to invest in it.
Blog because you want to communicate about a passion, the cash will come after.

5 - Your blog is business yes or no?

Many blogs remain and will remain sites for fun. If you want to make money with your blog, you will have to consider it as something other than a hub. Your blog should be considered a business in its own right.
For this, you should dedicate an account on which will be recorded all transactions (cash in and out), a Paypal account for example. Having a business blog is a commercial activity not to be taken lightly. It takes time and energy and it is not an activity that does miracles or magic!
Even if your blog is struggling to take off early, keep investing your time, your efforts will be rewarded. Invest in your blog (money, energy) and do not let your investment go to the water, take it seriously considering it as a business in its own right. With this state of mind combined with your passion, you will definitely succeed.

What are the solutions to make money with his blog?

1 - Google Adsense or unsuitable solution?

Unless you dedicate his blog to Google adsense (and that's not enough), it's really not with that we can earn money.
When we say, that's not all, it's because we also need a lot of traffic. Most blogs are less than 1000 pages visited per day. If Google Adsense pays you $ 5 for 1000 views, it means that your gain will be $ 150 per month.
Of course we can optimize its advertising but that means they should be placed where the users are watching, which would penalize us because they will click and leave as dry. What you need to know is that having more traffic is not necessarily the way to make money. It's not the traffic that counts, but how to monetize traffic is the key.
Finally, there are only 2 ways to increase the income of his blog.
a) Increase your traffic
b) Increase revenue generated with the same level of traffic
Of course, the second solution is the easiest. The general solution for measuring blogger revenue is CPM (Cost per Mile). With Adsense, the CPM is 1 to 2 dollars, to increase it to levels of 50 or 100, it is necessary to be able to increase its traffic by 50 or by 100, which job? On the other hand, it is possible to multiply its income by 100 with the same traffic and that is what we will approach soon.

2 - The money is in the list not on your blog

It is possible to make money with his blog without advertising.
The solution is to have subscribers who are more profitable than visitors because there is a form of acceptance on the part of the first, having taken the time to register on your blog or your newsletter.
To make money with your blog, you have to spend time attracting visitors, but it takes more to retain subscribers, they are the ones who bring in money. A newsletter or auto-responder without subscribers does not report anything.
First and foremost, it is necessary to retrieve the email addresses of the readers of the blog. Email marketing is neglected by the majority of French-speaking bloggers. This is mistaken for spam. Instead, we favor Twitter, Facebook and other RSS subscribers. This is a mistake and as we will demonstrate, this is what distinguishes the winners from those who win little or nothing at all.
The foundations of your business are the emails of your subscribers. When we have an impressive list of subscribers, we are more afraid, even of Google. Your blog should focus on this list and help to grow it.
E-mail marketing is still today the lever with the highest return. John Chow did a test that revealed that email is the lever that brought him the most cash and yet he has more than 100K followers on Twitter and more than 50K subscribed to the RSS feeds of his blog. Social media is good, but the money does not come from there. A list of mail subscribers, that's what you need to make money with a blog.

3 - Start your newsletter (auto-answer service) now

We come back to the lack of initial investment. Indeed, not investing in a self-response service from the start is avarice. There is Cybermailing (€ 15.95 per month) and Aweber also (€ 15.20) which even allows a test to $ 1 the first month, satisfied or refunded your single dollar.

4 - The different ways to recover email addresses:

a) Registration against gift (use the plugin WP Avalanche which manages at the same time the dofollow). Click here for those interested in this plugin.
b) The classic registration form
c) The superimposed layer (its default is that it is intrusive)

5 - Know how to recover subscribers by innovating

To the list of traditional means of recovery of email address must be added the innovations:
a) Ultimate Footer AD: it's a script that inserts a registration form at the bottom of your window (it costs 47 dollars) and you have the possibility to test it for free for a month. Unlike the overprint form, this script is not intrusive and the transformation rate is very good. I am testing it myself on one of my blogs
b) Your RSS feed: FeedFooter from WordPress (free) is made for this and you can even sell advertising space with.
c) Your Facebook fan page: For those who have an autoresponder, it is possible to insert a registration form on your fan page. If you do not have a fan page, create one, given the number of visitors on this social media.

6 - Recover subscribers with viral marketing

Good Karma Machine List: Again, this is a script (Php) provided by Frank Kern , a great list building guru. In principle, give a gift to the people who help us build our subscriber list.
Here's the procedure to follow :
a) The users arrive on a page where they will have to register to obtain something (ebook, script, plugin)
b) When registering (optin), they are added to your Aweber list and a confirmation email is sent to them!
c) The user arrives on a page where:
- They are told to check their email address.
- To sponsor to get a new awesome thing (other guide, ebook, plugin).
- They are provided with a referral link.
d) The user receives his referral link, clicks on it and is now in DOUBLE OPTIN.
e) By clicking, he arrives on a page where he is given his first gift.
f) He is happy with his first gift and will sponsor people to get the second gift.
g) The system credits their affiliates and redirects the referrer to the page with the second gift. You can even set the number of affiliates to get before getting the second gift.
Simple and terribly effective. Moreover, it is this system that uses the organizer of MEGA Giveaway , Xavier VAULUISANT , nothing else, great no?

7 - Registrants from the comments: thank you email

If a user leaves a comment, he is no longer just a visitor. Take advantage and by sending a thank you email, offer a gift against his registration to your blog. A new method is being tested where the user simply ticks a box instead of filling a form because tedious for some. I will tell you when and where to get it in due time.

8 - Find subscribers whatever the cost, whatever the size

We must not neglect any source to find subscribers to your newsletter.
Why so many sources?
You have to wonder why I insisted so much on the different ways to build your list? It's simple, without a list no money ...
Your blog is a vector for registering to your list. You must consider its different ways of registration as advertising. Your readers need to subscribe to your newsletter and that's it. It is not because he does not fill the form that I put at the top of my blog that he does not want to register. Maybe he's just too lazy to fill the fields?
That's why sending an email after a comment, the Facebook form or the simple check box are useful. They allow you to reach the user when he is the most sensitive to an inscription. And after you tell me?
Well now that the list is starting to get bigger, now is the opportunity to make money on the horizon. We will have to start to build relationships with prospects, set up revenue generating, set revenue targets and follow them!
In the next article maybe, so we will start building a relational tracking with your list.
To your success!
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