This article is a continuation of How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 1/3) and How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 2/3) .
In this last part, I show you what strategy I applied to sell my first digital product on the internet. This strategy allowed me to earn € 778 in just a few days . Of course, I could not all detail in this article, it would be necessary to make a booklet for that. I will go to the basics.
Before I start, I would just like to say that you need an indispensable tool to carry out this marketing strategy. This tool is a self-responder like Aweber .
Let's begin ...
How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 3/3)

Squeeze page

A "squeeze page" or "capture page" only captures the email addresses of your visitors. It is on this page that you will send your prospects to give them a free gift to ultimately offer them your product.
So that your squeeze page is well optimized and gives a good rate of registration, it must contain a good grip, pledges promises and a call to action. The hook is the most important element, it is she who will determine if your visitor will read or not following your page.
To find good hooks, I use Genaccroches software It is a very good tool of the famous great French copywriter, Christian Godefroy . I also use it for the titles of my sales pages and sometimes for the titles of my articles.
After hanging on, insert on your squeeze page your promise chips . Promise chips are a list of phrases where you talk about the qualities of the product you are offering in exchange for the email address of your visitors.
Finally, after your catch and your promise chips, you must clearly make a call to action. The only purpose of your capture page is to collect the email address of your visitor, so the form of your auto-responder must be clearly visible.
Your squeeze page must be well structured. All elements (hooks, promises chips, form) must be directly visible as soon as the user opens the page.
Preferably, split your squeeze page into 2 parts. Place on the left your catch and your pleas promises then right, your call to action and your form.
There should not be anything else on your page other than the items I mentioned above.

Sales page

The sales page consists of items that then drive the reader to buy your product.
As for the squeeze page, your sales page must contain a good grip. Then, the argument of your page must arouse an interest in your prospect. Then, you must create a desire in him, push him to action, push him to order your product and finally satisfy him , that is to say that after the purchase of your product, you must meet his questions, help him if he needs help so that he is 100% satisfied and does not ask for a refund.
This structure is the AIDAS method, a well-known marketing formula for structuring a sales text:
  • A: hooks
  • I: interest
  • D: desire
  • A: action
  • S: satisfaction

Campaign emails

As soon as your visitor registers via the form of your squeeze page, he will receive the first gift you offer him. This gift must be of value, of quality and in relation with the contents of the product which you will propose to him. Then offer him other quality gifts, 2 or 3, 1 day interval each time. And finally, after all these steps, you can submit your sales page.
To better understand, here is an example: imagine that the product you sell is an electronic booklet, you can take the first part of this booklet and make a gift in PDF. This 1st gift will be used to get the email address of visitors to your squeeze page.
Then take the 2nd part of your booklet and make a gift too and offer it to your prospect the next day. Do the same again, take the 3rd part of your booklet, make a gift and offer it on the 3rd day. Finally the 4th day, present your sales page so that your prospect orders your booklet. Then if he does not buy it that day, send him an email every 4 days to motivate him to order your product.
This is a good strategy for getting more sales. You give free gifts of value to prospects for a few days, so he learns to know you, considers you an expert in your field and gives you a little more confidence. It is much better to directly offer your product.
Of course, this process must be done automatically, that's why you need a quality auto-responder like Aweber .


To get a large volume of traffic to your product for free, make joint ventures. In other words, make partnerships.
Find experts in your field who already have subscriber lists and ask them to suggest your product to their subscribers. In return, give them at least 50% on every sale they make.
In order to have more chance that your future partner accepts your proposal, give him your product so that he knows what he will propose to his list. Thus, it will know if the product is of quality and if it is suitable for its subscribers.


With these 3 articles, you know how to make money on the internet by selling your own electronic product. Of course, it will not allow you to be directly financially independent, for that it takes time, but it will allow you to earn your first euros! ;-) Then, it is not a miracle method, it does not exist, so there are efforts to be made. But if you create a product on a theme that you are passionate about, with motivation you can only succeed.
As I told you, I could not detail everything in this article because it would be necessary to make a booklet for such content. I'm asking you a question ...

Do you want me to give you a booklet that details from A to Z this marketing strategy? I am waiting for your comments… ;-)

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