This article is a continuation of How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 1/3) .
You will now discover, step by step, how I did to create my first digital product (more available product) and how you too can do it . I will show you, more exactly, how to create your ebook (electronic booklet). Anyone can create one without investing a single penny.
Having your own product and selling it is better than doing affiliation. You win more but above all you will be more credible towards your prospects. If it is of quality, you will be considered as an expert in your field.
To write, choose the OpenOffice software that will allow you to convert your file to PDF. Let's begin ...
How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 2/3)

1 - Choose your title

There is a good chance that your survey (which I advised you to do in the first article) has brought you title ideas. The title of your ebook is very important. It's as important as a sales page hook. He must push the potential reader to open the book.
You have probably already heard that a book should not be judged by its cover, but it is! Right after that first judgment, the thing that will catch the attention of your potential readers is the title . This is true for all forms of books but also for ebooks.
As I told you, your title should push the potential reader to open your ebook. So choose a valuable title that gives the impression to the reader that the solution to his problem is in your ebook.
For example, for the first product I created, I did not choose a title like "free traffic" but "24 free methods to attract targeted traffic to your website . "
There is a big difference between these two titles. With the first, we do not really know what will be found in the ebook, but with the second title, it's quite the opposite. Then, the number 24 impresses, it's a lot for the reader, he thinks he'll have everything you need in the same ebook to solve his problem.

2 - Make a table of contents

The easiest way to write an ebook is to start with its skeleton. The skeleton of a book is a table of contents from which you will be able to work. You can even determine how many pages you want to write for each topic. You will be able to add or subtract topics at any time while writing your ebook.
Start with a "Title" page and then a page containing the "table of contents" . You can also start choosing your font and the color of your text.
Choose anyway, a font easy to read , neither too big nor too small to not tire the eyes of your reader. Size 14 is very good. Use a larger size for the title and titles of your chapters.
Well, now are you ready to write? Do not panic ! I will explain exactly how to do it ...

3 - Write your ebook

You will have to organize, write, correct and probably repeat everything until you get an ebook on which you will be proud to put your Name.
Organize yourself using your "Table of Contents". If you are not used to typing text with a keyboard, take a notebook and write (I highly recommend the notebook and not loose sheets). Do not worry about spelling and grammar. Do not worry about the layout, the spacing between your paragraphs or the margins of your page, for now, just write.
Write as if you were talking to your wife or best friend, explaining why and how to do certain things. Put your personality on it. Feel free to write with your vocabulary. These are your words, written in your own way , you are the best to write them.
Treat one subject, one chapter at a time. Simply write, let yourself go on the subject, without thinking of anything else. Then correct. Go back to the beginning and separate your text into paragraphs. Then make sure that the spelling is correct and that there are no grammatical mistakes.
If you have written in a notebook, take the time to enter your text in your "word processor". Let the site like find mistakes and mistakes, but do not count on a 100% fix.
Resume from the beginning, reread, and make other corrections if necessary. Have someone else read it and ask if it is understandable. Ask someone you trust who is interested in the project, such as your wife, friend or mother.
Organize, write, correct and do as many times as you think necessary until you get what you want. And as you organize, write, correct, you can always make changes to your table of contents, again and again, it will only be improved. Sometimes you will realize that a subject should be treated, add it and treat it!
Take the next section, one by one, and work this section until it is perfect. There is a time to organize, a time to write, a time to reread and correct and do not let these 3 times mix up and get confused, because if it happened, your writing flow would be disturbed and your work would be more so good.
Do not let the little details disrupt your writing. If you misspelled a word, it's not important at the moment, go to the end of your section. If you have doubts about the grammar of your sentence, do not pay attention for now and continue. Do not let your writing flow be disturbed by these minor details , they will be corrected later.

4 - Add images or visuals

Add some pictures in your ebooks. For example, you could put your picture on your first page. You could also put a picture of a dog if your ebook is talking about dog training. Just make sure your cover image is relevant to the subject of your ebook.
You can use as many images in your ebook. For example, use small pictures under the titles of your chapters. If you need to explain your content with images, graphics or visuals, do it if you think it's useful.
So where to find pictures? Well, at first you can create them using software like Photoshop or Gimp. You can use "clipart (illustrations)" or buy software containing hundreds or thousands of images, photos and clipart.
Be careful however to plagiarism!
Do not copy images for which you do not have "copyright" or are not "royalty free". To be sure, there are only 2 possibilities:
- 1. You are the owner of this image because you have created or photographed it entirely.
- 2. Either you bought it and acquired the rights of use from an image bank, like Fotolia . You can also find some free images on .
If you use images, do not fill your ebook to the point of having only visuals, photos or others. Do not forget that the images will significantly increase the size of your final file and it will take longer for your clients to download.
Note that as a general rule, once your ebook has been compiled, your reader should be able to see the images. Make sure, however, of a good presentation of your text in case the images are not visible!


Once you have composed your "Title Page", the "Table of Contents", the text of your ebook as well as its images, you must conclude it. In your conclusion, you can make a short summary of your ebook and then push the reader to take action so that he gets results.
You can also add some useful links related to the content of the ebook. Some of these links may be affiliate links.
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