Happy to have won for the first time money on the internet by selling my first product, I would like to share my experience.
Certainly, everything was not perfect since it was the first time that I put on sale my own product but, for a first, I am still satisfied with the results.
Here's how, in 3 steps, I made money by reselling my own product and how you too can do it:

How, in 3 steps, make money on the internet by selling your own product (Part 1/3)

Take a survey…

If you have a site or blog with a list of subscribers, send them a survey with 2 or 3 questions about what they want most.
For example, if you have a blog about auto mechanics and your subscribers are passionate about this subject, send them a survey where you ask this question: what is the biggest problem that you can not solve when you do mechanics on a car?
Do men only want what they need? By offering a survey to your subscribers, you can create a product that meets their needs.
If you do not have subscribers, you can post your survey on a specialized forum. With the same example, if your field is auto mechanics and you are an expert in this field, post a survey on a forum about car repair.
By offering a survey to a targeted audience, you are almost sure to collect answers. People love to answer polls. To go further and to have more participants, you can tell them that they will receive, by email, a small gift in exchange for their answers.
For my part, I only proposed a survey to subscribers of this blog. As you must know, this blog talks about everything that is internet marketing, blogging, work from home, etc ....
At the time, I had only a hundred subscribers. 28 people (with nothing in exchange ;-)) responded to the survey and many said they had a problem to generate traffic to their site or blog.
Here are some answers I received from this survey:
yes I have sites but I can not have traffic despite these methods is said miracles
My website is struggling with traffic and registration but it is increasing from days to days ...
Increase traffic
yes yes yes yes .... not enough traffic and especially not always the time to take care of it seriously.
I can not sell my affiliate products. I do not have many visitors on my sites I can not make transfers to my host with fizilla ... I do not understand the principle
not enough visitor despite the use of certain technique
Since many of my subscribers had a problem to generate traffic and I know some methods to generate it, I decided to create a product about it (this product is not available anymore).
So, if you want to make money on the internet by selling your own product, you must know the problems of your future customers. Then you will be able to create a product that will provide solutions to their problems. Thus, you are sure that your product is in demand and that it will sell well.