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If you have a site or blog and have not yet made the video, you should seriously get started .
Almost everyone likes to watch videos. Most people prefer to watch a video rather than reading an article as most people prefer to watch TV instead of reading books. This may be your case ...!
Some videos hosted on known platforms arrive, in a few days, on the first page of Google, even on keywords for which there is already a lot of competition. It's as if for Google, videos are privileged to articles.
And then, if you are on the first page of Google with a video, you are almost sure to be seen because sometimes the link of a video is accompanied by an image prompting to click on it. For example, type "car racing" in Google and you'll see what it looks like!
In short, it is easier to get to the front page of Google with a video than an article and I explain below how to optimize your videos to achieve this result so that you can generate targeted traffic ...
How to generate traffic with a video
In this article, I will not explain how to make a video, it is not the subject. But I know that many are blocking to make a video.
Know that you do not have to film yourself. There is free software like Camstudio or pay as Camtasia Studio to film the screen of your computer. This is great for explaining how a software works for example.
In short, I will not go into details. As I said before this is not the subject of the article.
Here's how to optimize your video to drive targeted traffic ...

Uplode your video on Youtube

First of all, you have to put your video in the famous "Youtube" platform. Why ?
Youtube is the first video platform in the world. The most watch videos come from Youtube.
In addition, this platform belongs to Google. 80% of French Internet users use this engine to do research.
That's why you need to optimize your videos with Youtube. They will be more likely to be on the first pages of google than with another video platform.

How to put your video on Youtube?

To put your video on Youtube, it's easy!
Go to and create your account by clicking on "Create an account" at the top right of the site as shown in the image below:
How to optimize your videos to drive targeted traffic
After creating your account, click on the "Add a video" link,
How to optimize your videos to drive targeted traffic
then click on the yellow "Add a video" button to start uploading your video:
How to optimize your videos to drive targeted traffic

Optimize your videos with a keyword from the long tail

After you start uploading your video to youtube, you need to optimize it with a keyword from the long line.
A key word in the long tail is a keyword with few competing sites that is often typed in Google. These kinds of keywords are terms made up of several words, such as "How to train your dog".
If this keyword does not have a lot of competition, it is easy to be placed on the front page of Google with an article or a video.
To learn how to find keywords of the long tail, download for free here ... 2 videos where it's explained how to do.

Where to place your keyword of the long tail?

After finding your keyword, you must, in Youtube, place it in the title, the description and the part "Tag" at the time of uploading your video as in the image below.
For the example, the key word is "How to train your dog":
How to optimize your videos to drive targeted traffic
As in the picture, add in the description, the link of your site related to your video. It's good for SEO but also good if the user watching your video clicks! That will be good for that you will have created your video no?  How to optimize your videos to drive targeted traffic

It's your turn

Apply this technique with several videos that each have their keyword of the long tail. Thus, you will be able to generate a large volume of traffic that will come from your different videos.